WHEN: Fri. Afternoon, Sat., Sun., MAY 13, 14, 15, 2005.
, Mt. Washington, MA. 2 3/4 hrs N of NYC.

Everyone took notice when Joseph Campbell advised us to “follow your bliss.” His words called to something very deep in us. Something stirred in response. We certainly longed to follow the promise his advice implies.

But we wonder how easy it is for many of us to know exactly what his words mean. After all, it sounds great, but how do I find out what “my bliss” is? It often feels as though anything like it eludes me. What if anything, can I do to discover it? And how can I follow it even if I do?

A great deal seems to stand in the way of finding our Passion. Sometimes the obstacle feels like a complete lack of energy, a void in my center that won’t allow me to seek anything.

Sometimes it feels like lost confusion… as though I can’t even ask the question, much less find an answer. Sometimes it feels like a roadblock stands squarely in my way no matter what I seek to follow.

Please join is when the Village of Brothers gathers at Camp Hi Rock this May to explore this devilish question. As leaders of our search, we (David and John) admit we have struggled with it as much as anyone. And we need all the help we can get! …all you can bring.

We will follow our usual experiential format, allowing every man the freedom to explore and know his own reactions to this part of our lives as men. We will use experience, talk, silence, story, and the sweat lodge to help us find our way.

Above all, we will seek to enable each man to know what stands in the way of his bliss. We will seek to peer into the path each man might like to follow to live in his own Passion.

Perhaps I will see only one inch into the darkness. Perhaps I will identify a road that will open into the rest of my life. Either way, I will know myself better and have taken a powerful step toward embracing wherever my Passion leads.

DAVID KARR - has been active in Men's Work for 20 years. He has led men's trainings for 11 years. Two year chairman of the Mankind Project, he is engaged in creating leadership and depth trainings for men and women to increase awareness in corporations.

JOHN GUARNASCHELLI Ph.D.- is a practicing therapist in NYC, founder of OTCG. He is author of numerous articles on Men's Soul Work that affirm love of self and relating to the world. He has offered Retreats for men since 1991.

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