Return To Earth: Reclaiming Our Native Sons



WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, June 1 & 2, 1991.
WHERE: Unison Learning Center, New Paltz, NY


Robert Bly rightly identifies the serious damage done to the father son bond by the industrial revolution. There is also another hurt relationship whose influence is equally devastating to men: the banishment of sons from the earth. Fathers left the land for the office or factory and earth work became "dirty." this left a generation of rootless boys who might never think of filling their emptiness by looking down.

Joseph Jastrab will guide this two-day overnight expedition into the male psyche at New Paltz in surroundings aimed at reconciling us men with the home ground left forgotten. It is especially for men who believe they've lived too long in the cities of the inner and outer world.

Bring your inner boy and come ready to sit with your brothers on the earth, to run with the animals, to hold to the mane of the wind!

Joseph Jastrab is already very dear to those of us who have done any of our work with him. Joseph is a teacher, practicing therapist, and wilderness guide who will combine all these skills for this workshop. He directs the Earth Rise Foundation in New Paltz, where among other activities, he guides an annual "men's quest", a wilderness rite of passage for men. He has been one of the pioneers in recognizing the needs men have in our time.


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