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WHEN: Friday & Saturday March 13 & 14 1992.
WHERE: Eighth Avenue Studios, New York, NY

Our fathers are immensely important in our lives. Our career goals, how we deal with women and other men, our relationships with our own children, even our attitudes toward spirituality and the earth, are all most often connected to unfinished business with our fathers who are commonly shrouded behind mystery and silence, or behind anger and hostility.

In this two day workshop we explore the origins and the paths to healing of the wounded father with whom many of us men struggle throughout our lives. We will discuss the most current information on the roles of father (and mother) in our psychological development.

Then, using small group and individual exercises, examples from current psychological research, and contemporary poetry and music, we will work to feel: the key place of our father in our identity; why our father became emotionally or physically absent; the moral dilemmas of the father/son bond; the ways we try to complete our relationship with our father through other men, wives, and children, or through mentors at work; what happens when fathers are deceased; and some ways of letting go of past battles.

Our process will include ample time for experience, discussion and reflection. We strongly recommend this workshop for men who want to grapple with normal male difficulties with intimacy and identity and who want to discover a more confident and satisfying sense of self.

SAMUEL OSHERSON Ph.D. lives with his wife, son, and daughter in Boston. He is a practicing psychotherapist and research psychologist at Harvard University Health Services, and faculty member of the Fielding Institute. He is the author of Finding Our Fathers: How A Man's Life Is Shaped By His Relationship With His Father. His new book, Wrestling With Love: How Men Struggle With Intimacy With Women, Children, Parents, And Each Other will be published next month by Fawcett Books.

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