Basic Training??!!
What Did I Receive??


WHEN: Friday, Saturday, Sunday September 26, 27, 28 2014
About 4:00 o’clock Friday to about 2:30/3:00 Sunday

in Mt. Washington Township, MA.
About Two Hours 3/4 N of NYC.
Directions and Details Supplied by phone to ALL Registrants.
>>Car Pool Transportation Arranged If You Have No Car<<
HOW MUCH: $180 Donation. Covers Accommodations & Six Meals*

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We’re all familiar with the term Basic Training from the military. So, it feels far fetched to apply it to my own life. After all, I was never in military service.

But, this Fall, as the Village of Brothers gathers at Camp Hi Rock, we will explore how the term might actually apply to each one of us.

When Robert Bly awakened us to issues men are wrestling with, he pointed to the question of knowing our feelings…above all, do we know we have them?

To electrifying effect he asked: “If men have no feelings, who wrote Shakespeare’s plays, painted Rembrandt’s paintings, created Mozart’s symphonies?”

I was astonished to discover I might be such a creature!


So our exploration this Fall, our use of Talk, Silence, Play, the Sweat Lodge, and most importantly, the Engaged Energy of every man present, will aim at two basic questions:

How aware is each one of us that very rich feelings underlie what we say and do every moment of every day? And,

How aware are we of what those feelings precisely are?

In a world filled with obliterating generalizations about “Disorders”, can we discover that each one of us received a unique personal Basic Training
that defines most, if not all, of how we live our individual life?

Please consider adding your experience, your energy, your Basic Training to ours this Fall.

JOHN GUARNASCHELLI - is a practicing therapist in NYC, founder of OTCG. He is author of numerous articles on Men's Work that affirm love of self, of others and of the world. He has offered Retreats for men since 1991.

Check or Money Order to On The Common Ground
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WHAT TO BRING: Personal Toiletries, Pillow and Bedding (Sheets and Blanket or Sleeping Bag), TWO Towels (One for the Sweat), Sweater or Light Jacket (Evenings Can be Nippy in late September), a Flashlight, and an Individual Water Bottle (To Bring into the Sweat).

Sign Up via Mail Here! Please send in your registration as soon as you possibly can: the camp requires us to have at least 20 attendees. As quickly as possible, we need to know we have the twenty men. And don’t let money stop you. If paying the whole amount is a problem, our fee is “too close to the bone” for special amounts. But we can arrange post dated payments. For Any Further Information:
Call: (212) 265-0584 E-mail:

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