"Is My Anger Any Good?"


WHEN: Friday, Saturday, Sunday September 30, October 1, 2 2011
About 4:00 o’clock Friday to about 2:00/2:30 Sunday

in Mt. Washington Township, MA.
About Two Hours N of NYC.

Who of us hasn't been angry? Who of us admits it? ---or enjoys admitting it?  Few feelings are as unacceptable.

A loudly shouting man's anger is obvious and is everyone's target.  But, anger takes forms more difficult to spot.

A rule enforcer's cold anger “only insists on what's right." A rule breaker's silent anger manages to always make him late.  The soft-spoken anger of a man who always has to disagree may barely be noticed.  And aren't envy or jealousy really forms of anger?

Most seriously, I may be deeply angry with myself without even knowing it.

But, is there anything positive about anger?  Why am I angry when my partner can't listen?  ...when I don't get the job or the raise? ...when my "friend" criticizes just one more time?  And what about the strong energy anger contains?

On September 30, October 1, 2 the VILLAGE OF BROTHERS gathers once again in our sacred space at Camp Hi Rock, surrounded by the flaming colors of fall in New England.


We will use exercises, play, discussion, silence, and the sweat lodge to welcome our anger.  How does anger feel in my body? How do I regard my anger?  How do I express it?  Where have I learned to do it so?  Do I even know I feel any anger at all?

We will invite our anger to reveal what gifts it might bestow on our lives.  Perhaps I may shape my anger to serve me.  Anger's energy may endow my life with positive power.  I may lose valuable parts of myself if I try to deny anger altogether.

Welcomed anger may allow me to bless myself, my needs, wants, and desires in a way that will allow me to bless other men, women, children, and the earth itself.
Blessing my desires, I may bless the desires of others.

We invite our anger best when each of us welcomes his own unique brand of it to our circle.  Please add your flame to our fire.  Our powers blaze brightest in unity.

JOHN GUARNASCHELLI - is a practicing therapist in NYC, founder of OTCG. He is author of numerous articles on Men's Work that affirm love of self, of others and of the world. He has offered Retreats for men since 1991.

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