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WHEN: Saturday March 2,1991.
WHERE: Eighth Avenue Studios, New York, NY

Brotherhood begins with your own brother. This unique workshop for men is offered by brother/therapists Jeffrey and Robert to bring love and support into your life through understanding your relationship to your brother. If you have lost, or never had, the link with your brother, its goal is to re establish that connection and also attain greater realization of your own character through work on the brother issue.

Participants will work to rediscover the past through hypnotic regression, the "circle of truth", forgiveness imagery, harmonic drumming, and transpersonal play therapy. We will explore ourselves for the problems we experience dealing with men, both within and outside the family: Do you have difficulty expressing your feelings? How was love parceled out in your family? What power struggles were there that you might still be recreating? How were success and manhood defined? What feelings were there between older/younger brothers? Was your brother the recipient of your shadow side?

It is never too late to get to the roots of your feelings, to find your real brother, or to strengthen your ties with yourself and with him. You are welcome to this workshop alone or accompanied by your brother(s). You are welcome even if you don't have a brother.

Jeffrey Friedman, a psychologist and social worker has conducted a men's psychotherapy group for seven years at his office in California. He has spent 17 years developing innovative methods for dealing with emotional problems, and currently trains health care professionals in the use of hypnotic and ideo motor techniques.

Robert Lawrence (yes, they are brothers!), a certified psychosynthesis practitioner has lead over 100 workshops exploring the relationship of guided imagery, music, and transpersonal play therapy techniques to fostering deepened self awareness. He is currently the director of student services at a business school in New York City.



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