As I write this, a powerful feeling possesses me. I almost never read this type of mailing. So what the devil makes me think my immortal prose is going to fare any better?!

I'm not really sure. It's something like my own discovery ten years ago of how much I need Men's Work to live my life somewhere near how I'd like to. For me, that's meant Men's Work implies very exciting things.

First, it implies my need to explore the messages about myself, my relations to other people, love, work, money, or pleasure that really run my adult life. That's about honoring myself by continuously "going down." That's about Soul.

Second, it implies I need a lot more information about living out my story in a way that really respects my soul ... and yours. That's about honoring myself by continuously "going out" to loving brothers, to loving sisters, to loving the earth itself. That's about Spirit.

As I see it, I no longer live in the set, slowly evolving times of fixed agricultural settlements. I live in the dizzily changing patterns of industrial and post industrial cities. So the wisdom stories and rituals of the past leave me cold and no longer show me how to live. Left alone, I feel undefined, without a center. I don't know how to live faithfully to myself -- or even that I should.

But, I am not defined by distorted messages from my past or by the supposed satisfactions of my needs that come from outside of me. I am a dignified soul satisfied only by fidelity to myself, to my own story.

That's the call I hear in Men's Work. And, it feels both unmanly and Un-American to respond to it! "I already know all about 'being a man.' So don't even hint at questions I might ask!" "I'm going to die at my desk -- seven years earlier than my woman, but I'm all right, Jack!" "Quit whining, loser, and get on with it!" Anyway, "life's about women, work, money, status, and distraction, so just shut up and get real?" Real what?!

ON THE COMMON GROUND is an open space I may enter to explore my relations to myself and to you. Our PATHWAYS MEETINGS are open to every man. Any man who wants to explore his journey through life benefiting from the information and support his brothers can provide is invited and welcome.

Except for radical self respect, no philosophy or "creed" is imposed. Each of us comes with his own energy to dedicate to his own needs. Here, I have the opportunity to discover my real wants. And, if the present set up doesn't work for me, I can even suggest another. BUT, ONE POINT ONLY ... WITHOUT YOU, NEITHER YOU NOR I CAN DO THIS THING! PLEASE COME.

John Guarnaschelli


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