...the journey that men make, to find themselves.
If they fail in this it doesn't matter what else they find.
                                                 --James Michener


Men's personal soul work operates in us 24/7. There are only two alternatives: know it or not know it; live life well or live it by accident. PATHWAYS MEETINGS make a Man's personal work consistently available in town, reliably, and at a low cost. PATHWAY MEETINGS are often fun and are a great way to discover real friends in the VILLAGE OF BROTHERS -- a great group of men.
All Men Welcome.







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There is a deep call at the heart of Men's Soul Work - a call vital to men, and to our society as a whole.  It is the call to our own personal authenticity, to our own souls, discovered by being in communion with one another.  I hope many-even all-of my brothers may hear this call and enrich their lives by responding to it in the decades to come.  I hope the whole earth will flourish from the gifts they will bring forth in the process.  And, I hope PATHWAYS ON THE COMMON GROUND will be a real help for any man who wants to take up this great quest for himself.

     All of us men hold our deep maleness and our humanity in common.  We share a COMMON GROUND.  Yet, every man must discover his own definition of himself.  There can be no prescriptions, no dogmas, no definitive models for what constitutes a "real man."  Each of us discovers that for himself.  If, at bottom, we are one, each of us can realize that only by following his own unique PATHWAY to it, according to his own manner. 

     So PATHWAYS ON THE COMMON GROUND certainly does not aspire to lay down definitive rules or impose judgments.  It helps to suggest - and only suggest - some broad and important areas a man may consider in his desire to discover who he is and who his brothers are.  The CHALLENGE is for each man to respond as he needs to, as a part of his work as he is doing it - or not at all, if that is his authentic response.  May each of us be blessed by himself as he walks his PATHWAY. 

May each of us spread his blessing to others as part of receiving his own.

John Guarnaschelli



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