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Breaking the Shackles
Shame is an emotion that many of us don't recognize easily, and yet it's usually the basis of addiction, violence, overwork, emotional shutdown, and adopting a 'false self.' The good news is that once we recognize it for what it is, shame loses much of its toxicity. Breaking the Shackles is a revised edition of the 1995 book, Men Healing Shame, in which several dozen men write of their experience healing the effects of toxic shame. Among the chapter authors are Robert Bly, John Guarnaschelli and Gershen Kaufman.

Mosaic seeks to create cross-cultural alliances, mentoring relationships and social connections built upon personal trust and commitment to bridging unhealthy divisions in contemporary communities. Mosaic events are coordinated and facilited by teachers from various backgrounds, skills and interests including Orland Bishop, Jack Kornfield, Michael Meade, Luis Rodriguez and Malidoma Somé.

Rites of Passage Council
Kedar Brown has put together a powerful and unique staff of healers that have come together to create one of the most comprehensive, both psychological and spiritually, healing / leadership training programs in North America, reawakening our Indigenous Wisdom and Opening the Heart of Compassion. The Rites of Passage Council offers Vision Quests, Leadership Training and Healing Intensives.

John Lee's Web Site
Dedicated to the power of understanding. Our mission is to provide insightful products and services that build foundations for: Healing Relationships Enhancing compassionate human behavior and Elevating adults with positive power to face today's challenges http://www.flyingboy.com

Dr. Warren Farrell's Web Site
Author of The Myth of Male Power and Why Men Are the Way They Are - http://www.warrenfarrell.com/

The Men's Center.com
Our mission is to assist men in finding male positive resources, information, and support. We seek to empower men to lead healthy, productive and fulfilling lives. This will ultimately be beneficial to all men, women and children. http://www.themenscenter.com

The National Coalition of Free Men
National Coalition of Free Men (NCFM) is a non-profit educational & civil rights organization that looks at the ways sex discrimination affects men and boys. NCFM publishes "Transitions: Journal of Men's Perspectives" six times a year and sponsors various activities according to the interests of its volunteers.http://www.ncfm.org/

Bluetruth offers a unique global community portal for people practicing David Deida's work online - using mp3, video, books, discussion lists and forums. The community is interesting and intense, creating an electronic 'kiva' for experiential play in this exploration of male and female spirituality. http://www.bluetruth.org/

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